Magento® Solutions From Experienced Developers

Magento - Most Popular eCommerce Platform

Magento® (a registered trademark of is the most popular eCommerce platform offering a lot of amazing features out of the box for your online store.


Here at Zone-Connect, we specialize in offering cutting-edge eCommerce solutions and services and the Magento platform is our preferred solution of choice for most of our clients.


We provide various services for retailers running on the Magento platform ranging from installation services, consultation, development, and on-going support to ensure your online store continues to perform better at all times!

Below is a shortlist of some of our day to day services that we can offer you anytime.

Clean Magento Installation

Under this service will cover a clean installation and setup of Magento as the platform of choice for your online website/store.

We will always install the most recent stable version of Magento to ensure you are starting on the right foot and help with setting up your full catalog structure, store details, locales, theme customization, shipping and payment methods etc.

Regardless of complexity of your requirements, you are always sure our team of allocated developers will be on course 100% and keep you in the loop until your project is completely finished.

To get yourself a quote for this service simply get in touch with us today!

Magento Upgrade

If you are already running a website/online store based on an old version of Magento that requires an upgrade to the latest stable version available, this service is for you!

We have the experience required to upgrade pretty much any version of Magento to the latest stable version with very minimum downtime to your operational site.

Over time we have practiced and master several upgrade methods that we can use to ensure your site’s downtime is kept at bare minimum.

What a quote for this service? Contact our team today!

Magento Migration

If you are already running an online store on a different or bespoke application, we can help you migrate to Magento relatively easy while carrying across all your categories, products, customers, product reviews etc.

We have conducted several migration projects and have perfected various methods to ensure your migration project is done and completed at higher standards.


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Linnworks Integration

If you are a multi-channel retailer and are looking for a system to help with managing your orders and inventory efficiently, or you are already and Linnworks account holder, we can help you understand, debug and manage your Linnworks account with no problems.

Click here to learn more about how we can help you setup with Linnworks in no time today!


Extensions Installation

We work with other Magento agencies around the world dedicated in expanding the power of Magento via custom extensions. Although in most cases we recommend you get in touch with extension vendors for some custom work or installation, we can install pretty much any extension with a well documented installation steps.


Custom Extensions Development

If you happen to require a custom solution that doesn’t have a readily available extension out there, we can help develop it for you.

We understand there are times when you just need something very unique to your store needs and in situations like those, our developers will be happy to listen and help you achieve your goals.

We follow 100% Magento recommended extensions development standards i.e

  • We will NEVER edit the core code
  • You can enable/disable extension without breaking your site
  • More importantly, the extension works as you want and the ‘Magento way’!

Do you have something custom you want developed? drop us a line today!


Magento-Social Integration

It’s the way we all go these days isn’t it!

Yes, we can integrate your store with all major social networking sites – no problems.
You tell us which ones you want and where on your site you want the buttons to appear and rest is down to us.

Usually this a few minutes process.

Magento Template/Theme Implementation

So, time for a little make-over of your site, ah? Well, we are here to help!

Here at Zone-Connect our focus is on development (PHP Coding) side of things. We are NOT designers – we implement (develop) designs into Magento pages (HTML).

You will normally send us the photoshop (PSD) files from your designer and we will convert them into Magento themes through a process referred to as PSD to HTML conversion.

Alternatively, and for the most part, many clients will prefer to buy an off-the-shelf template and ask us to install and customize it to their requirements. We can advice you better places where you can get decent Magento themes.


Magento SEO

Everyone want’s to appear on the first page, can you make it there?

Well, if the answer is NO, worry no more! We are here to help you start climbing the page ranks, rapidly!

At Zone-Connect we believe the best strategy for your SEO should start right at your very own back yard, your store!

This is where you have full control. It’s where you can cook that quality content Google and the other major search engines can’t refuse to serve you first.

It is the area where we can also be effective and involved in helping you choose the right ingredients and the right style for your content and go to the end of the earth to make sure your store’s source code is in the right context for search engine consumption.

It is important to stress however, Zone-Connect is NOT, by any means, a marketing company. We will not run any type of marketing campaigns for you or link build your site. We believe there are firms out there who specialize in such services and will help you if you will ever need their services.

We are on-page SEO guys! We will go the extra mile to ensure we setup your store right and guide you to making your product’s content, search engine-ready at all times!

Magento Ongoing Support

This service is flexible and available for our new and existing clients.

Under this service we can provide one-off or ongoing monthly support for various aspects of Magento and per your store’s needs

Basically, if you need any on going help with your Magento store, simply drop us a line today and we will go from there.

We will also like to point out that no matter how small the job is;

  • Our commitment is always the same – VERY HIGH
  • Our minimum booking time is 2 hours – About FAIR!.